Update Covid-19 in Bali

To prevent new clusters, Dewa Indra instructs establishing a task force in traditional markets

Denpasar, 30 June 2020… Bali Province regional secretary, also the daily chairman of Covid-19 acceleration countermeasure task force for Bali Province (GTPP), Dewa Made Indra updated the increase in confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, 49 persons on Tuesday (30/6/2020). Thus, the COVID-19 total positive patient in Bali province is 1,493 persons. The number of recovered patients is 15 persons, so the total recovered patient until present is 798 persons. One more COVID-19 patient died, so the total death becomes 14 persons. Dewa Indra stated the total number of positive patients still in care (active cases) is 681 persons.

Further, the additional 49 cases is dominated by local transmission, consisting of 47 cases, 1 domestic traveler (PPDN) and 1 foreign traveler (PPLN). The highest number of local transmission is in Denpasar with 19 cases and Bangli with 18 cases. While the recent 1 death comes from Denpasar local transmission case. Dewa Indra mentions that the additional positive cases due to local transmission is dominated by contact tracing of market clusters. 

Viewing the past weeks case trends, Dewa Indra had a meeting with traditional market operators to discuss the health protocols for traditional markets on Tuesday (30/6/2020). This online meeting also involved elements from TNI/POLRI and Kabupaten/Kota government. He instructed establishing a task force or security and safety post for monitoring health protocol implementation in all traditional markets. This task force is expected to supervise on day to day basis, to prevent new clusters from traditional market. Among them wearing face mask, visitors to wash hands when entering or leaving the market, and this task force must ensure there is running water and hand soap available. 

Dewa Indra invites the traditional market operators to develop moral responsibility, to ensure their market does not become a new cluster and cause more victims, by applying online system and non cash payment, to maintain productivity and safety. 

Traditional market is a breeding ground for spreading COVID-19, as it is difficult to apply health protocol and physical distancing when the market opens. The sellers and buyers are mainly women at age susceptible age, thus the medical care takes longer due to the low immune system with age. The COVID-19 positive cases in Bali has reached the older age groups, which will take longer to recover and can threat their lives. “We must protect this group, so we focus on preventing the spread of COVID-19 in traditional markets,” he added. 

To find out if a market is exposed to COVID-19, he suggests to conduct rapid test. However, since it is impossible to have the rapid tests for all sellers, sampling method is chosen. If there is a reactive result, then it is followed up with mass rapid testing.

Kasatpol PP Bali province, Dewa Nyoman Rai Darmadi, reports having inspected 19 traditional markets and 6 supermarket to monitor the health protocol applied. Some people have not applied proper measures, such as use of mask, washing hands and keeping distance. He also reminds the task force to be consistent and man the post. Kadisperindag Bali, Wayan Jatra added the sudden markets (pasar tumpah) is difficult to control, so he expects market operators to be proactive.

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