Official Statement September 2018

Bali Remains Safe After Strong Earthquake in Palu 

Officials confirmed that Bali remain safe for tourist. A series of earthquakes struck the Indonesian islands for the last 2 (two) months. On Friday, Sep 28, 2018, waves of up to 2 (two) meters high swept through Pain,Central Sulawesi, not long after authorities had lifted a ounami alert. The strong ounami was triggered by a magnitude TS earthquake that hit this coastal region, Palu. 

As ff e most travelled place in Asia, Bali ts still safe as tourism destination. Tourists with travel plan to Bali could certainly remain positive with your travel plan so, can blissfully enjoy what thts wonderful island has to offer. 
Asa matter of fact, in Bali, touriso keep on exploringthe island's natural beauty, cultural attractions and remarkable places in their own perfect charming way. 

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