The Pointer of Press reales of Covid-19 acceleration countermeasure task force dewa Made Indra, on Saturday (18/4/2020)

Covid-19 update case in Bali at 18th 2020, the case increases to 7 people (5 Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) and 2 transmitted local) Total positive case accumulatively up to this day is 131. There is no recovered patient is reported today, so the number is still 36. Since the positive case increases, today 92 suspected patients are hospitalized at 11 referral hospitals. 

Bad news comes from 1 suspected patient was passed away this day, and has been buried in accordance with COVID-19 protocol at 1 pm. The funeral was aided by Military Command 163 Wirasatya of Badung regency. The death suspect is a 51 years old man. The doctor who treated him inform that patient has the hereditary disease, that is diabetes. So the total death tolls is 3 (2 foreigners and 1 Indonesian 8 out of 131 positive cases are foreigners and 123 are Indonesians. 86 out of 123 Indonesian patients are imported cases, or they were infected during travel in infected countries. 82 out of 86 imported cases are PMI who returned to Bali and 14 of them were infected outside Bali. Transmitted local cases up to this day are 23 cases. 

It is an important thing to consider the increased case of transmitted local, in order to strengthen the preventive measure. It needs to be alerted to stop transmitted local increasing case. The case happened through close interaction among healthy people and those who are sick without wearing a mask. It means there are still people did not obey the regulation to wear mask, wash hand and implement physical distancing. When we agree to prevent the Covid-19 spread, I remind all people to wear a mask, wash hand and do physical distance with discipline. The most important thing is restricting our social activity outside the home. 

Secretary Dewa Indra also informed today (18/4) he directly handled the Spectrum of The Seas ship docked at Benoa port, Denpasar. The central task force has instructed the Bali task force to facilitate the return of PMI from Bali or other regions with cruise at Benoa port based on Covid-19 strict procedure and health protocol. 
According to Dewa Indra Spectrum of The Seas cruise carried 208 PMIs, 123 are from Bali and 85 are from other regions. All PMI are negatively rapid tested results. For Balinese PMI, the Bali Provincial task force has delivered to regencies/city task for quarantine procedures. For other-region PMI, the task force coordinated with the agent to send them to the origin. On Saturday (18/4), 45 PMI had been back to their home with today’s flight. The rest will be sent while waiting for flight schedule. Dewa Indra was sure they will not stay in Bali for a long time, when the flight schedule is ready, they will be back home. 

On that occasion, Dewa Indra also regretted the refusal case of quarantine place in regencies by a group of people. It will complicate the regency’s duty. Related to the action of a group of people, Dewa Indra asked for the spirit of Balinese people values such as togetherness. That value teaches Balinese people to maintain the brotherhood spirit. I remind people that PMI is Bali’s community and had passed the strick healthy checked until getting a negative result. However, based on Covid-19 prevention protocol, they have to do the quarantine process at least 14 days to make sure they have absolutely negative results through several tests in a row and to prevent the potential of positive. Before back to the community, they will be tested through the SWAB process to make sure they are free from Covid-19. Bali Provincial Government and regencies/city administration has approved in Covid-19 handling, those who have positive results will become the Bali Provincial Government responsibility, and those who are negatives must do quarantine process that is provided by regencies/city administration. The provincial government will not return to the community before being truly free from Covid-19. Dewa Indra invited people to do not refuse their return or their quarantine process. They are our child and brother /sisters, they are back home well.

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