Governor Wants Those Who Spread Hoaxes About Volcanic Mount Agung Brought to Justice

10 October 2017
18:00 local Bali time

The State News Agency Antara reports that Governor Made Mangku Pastika is hoping that those spreading misinformation and hoax news regarding safety and security in Bali can be taken into custody and prosecuted via the legal process.

“I’d like to know if the Bali police headquarters have taken anyone into custody; later, I will call the Chief of Police and ask that those spreading hoax news be arrested in Bali,” said Pastika during a meeting with tourism leaders on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, held at the Provincial Tourism Office.

Referring to incorrect news and blogs regarding the status and dangers posed by volcanic Mount Agung, Pastika sees punishment under the law as a way of deterring others wanting to manufacture hoax news about Bali.

Bali’s Governor lamented the lies and misstatements making the rounds on social media regarding conditions surrounding Mount Agung that have fomented social unrest and caused disruption in the Island’s tourism sector.

The Governor added: “Tourism depends on security, safety, and these in turn depend on opinions generated by the media. The media has now assumed many identities, including the mainstream media and the social media.”

Pastika said that hoaxes are spread not only by social media but also by irresponsible individuals who are in contact with people evacuated from the foothills of Mount Agung. “There are uniformed people coming (to temporary camps) in the night and telling people they are in danger and must they must immediately evacuate. People panic, when, in fact, they have just evacuated their homes. This has happened. We are looking for these people but have yet to find them,” said Pastika.

At the same time, the Governor said he hoped Bali’s tourism would not be adversely affected by the developing situation of Mount Agung.

Pastika said the international community needs correct reporting on the conditions surrounding Mount Agung and not to make incorrect linkages with other tourism objects in Bali or subjects such as air access.

Assuring that it remains very safe to visit Bali, Pastika warned, “Just don’t climb Mount Agung. Don’t sell products to climb Mount Agung. That is not allowed.” 

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